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NEO-SKIFFLE BLUES CD features Nick Gravenites, Barry Melton,Michael Hinton, Tony Saunders, Ben Perkoff, Lisa Kindred, Pete Sears, Pee Wee Ellis, James Levy, John Turk, "Budda" Robert Winters ,Terry Haggerty, and others. A fine, fun collection of new Blues, R&B, Novelty and Skiffle.


HIPPIE UPRISING is a collection of the best musicians from the San Francisco Bay Area playing and singing an eclectic blend of original music in various musical styles including: Rock, Jazz, Country, Blues, and everything else imagined and in-between. Many old and new friends were assembled for the first and for the last time to make this music and CD truly memorable in more ways than one.

"I Really like this one" -Gary Blue of STAR radio (United Kingdom)


I'm an old hippie, so I'm sure something will be good about the CD!" -Tom Ball of WAPS radio (91.3 FM Akron, OH.)

"I am spinning Norton Buffalo's "Lady Luck" on my show." -Mike Jacobs of KIOS radio (95.1 Omaha, NE.)


"Hippie Uprising sounds intriguing" -Ken Connors of WJSK/W radio (105.3 Jacksonville, FL.) 


"Thanks for that one, interesting compilation.There are atleast 3 tracks i will be playing"   -Henry Prokop of 101.FM radio (Australia) 


$10.99 + S&T

© 2017 Hippie Uprising & Wolfwave Records.

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