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Hippie Uprising is a collection of songs written by Skip Soder and Yana Zegri Soder that were recorded and performed by Musical hierarchy of the San Francisco sound.  Stunning musianship, well crafted songwriting, and steller post production make this collection a powerful statement. Possitivity and a general feel good vibe is our trademark so please enjoy our music.


Our first CD was called "Hippie Uprising".  There's a lot to liked on this CD. San Francisco legends in their own time doing brand new songs you'll love to listen to. A little jazz, rhythm & blues, country, novelty, and pop. A great musical variety from beginning to end. Released in 2009


Our second CD was titled "Neo-Skiffle Blues" and continued in the same fashion as our first CD, with high profile players, and excellent songwriting. This CD more blues than the usual country folk influence. Released in 2011. 


Our newest 2015 CD "One Cheap Getaway" is designed as a Hippie Uprising singer/songwriter compilation, still featuring some of the best musicians the bay area has to offer. Song style & artwork continue to pave the familiar path of the previous two albums. And yet this CD is different in many ways. 


HIPPIE UPRISING is a collection of the best musicians from the San Francisco Bay Area playing and singing an eclectic blend of original music in various musical styles including: Rock, Jazz, Country, Blues, and everything else imagined and in-between. 

"still have it in rotation. Should get a spin next monday on the show" -Mike Jacobs of KIOS Radio (Omaha, NE 91.5 FM)


"I plan to play some soon! I listened to the CD in my car, i cant make notes while i am driving so i will have to listen again at home!!!" -Tom Ball of WAPS Radio (Akron, OH 91.3 FM)


"Hippie Uprising is going to get quite a few spins with us and maybe even some of the jazz shows here at KTEP" -Dan Alloway of KTEP radio (El Paso, TX 88.5 FM)


"we've been using it on our two sunday morning folk shows" -Ryan Rutz of WUMR radio (Milwaukee, WI 89.1) 


$10.99 + S&T

© 2017 Hippie Uprising & Wolfwave Records.

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